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Driver Reseen - Driver Madness
General discussion for the DRIVER series.
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By Jesse
Maybe some of you heard of it already in the Discord server, but I'm working on a Driver fan game.

Basically, it's Driver San Francisco Wii, but in Unity.

"Why that specific game?" Answer: I like the game's style. I love how it's made and still enjoy playing it.

I'm planning to release a demo on 25/26 december.

"But what about those crap fake pencil brush effect textures?" Answer: I'm going to remake those. I don't want my game to look bad. Also all of the car models from the game that are from DPL, will have the DPL models and textures, except the cars that are specific made for DSF Wii, those will be kept as they are and only retextured.

Link to a YouTube video of how it's going right now: https://youtu.be/-siryG1OC9M

Keep an eye on this post on December 25/26 for a demo to release!
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By Jesse
Hey! Glad to see that you like it! Improvements will sure come in the next update!
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By Jesse
New update for Driver Reseen out now!

Patch notes:
-Stunt track added, including:
Thing where you can drive your wheels on (Idk the name for it)
Elevated turn, like in Cars 1 Movie at the Racetrack
Weird jump thing
Stuntrack to be expanded later!
-Transparent windows!
-Developer Menu! (Toggle with 0 (zero, not to be confused with O) key)
-Quit button! (Included in Developer Menu)
-60 Frames Per Second Cap!

Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing
Driver Madness Topic link to share: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=5484

Planned for the future:
-Better interiors for cars
-Story mode demo
-Freeride in city (Only possible when I know how to increase render distance in DSF Wii, any help would be appreciated!)
-Better GUI
-More expanded stunt track
-Tweaking to car behavior to make it feel as much as DSF Wii

Enjoy the update! I Would like to hear feedback!

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