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Driver you are the wheelman improvements - Driver Madness
Having an issue with the game you can't seem to figure out? Request assistance here!
By Ladderman67

After a few years i was able to get Driver you are the wheelman running on my PC(thanks go to this website)

https://www.magipack.games/2020/05/Driv ... epack.html

There are some things with the game that i would like to improve.

1. Is there any better Desktop shortcut icons for this game?.The Desktop shortcut icon that the game installed with are okay,just wondering if anyone did some updated ones?.

2. Is there any way to make the cutscenes any better?.I can just about make out whats going on in the cutscenes,but sometimes its a bit blurry(But then again it could be my 54 year old eyes playing tricks on me!).

Thanks for looking


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