Having any problems running the game on any platforms or anything abnormal as happened in your game and you can fix it, come in here for assistance.
I'm playing the PAL version (English/French/German) on the latest PS2 model.

I'm playing it since its release back then, and therefore having experienced some weird stuff already, but this one is freaking me out - because I don't wanna start again from scratch... :-(

After loading my profile and leaving any garage, in order to drive to the next job, I'm randomly and continuously hearing TK's "hurgh!", the loudest noise he makes when receiving damage. No matter if I'm driving, walking or just standing around - it's happening at random!
All the other sound effects are played normally depending on what happens on screen, but this "hurgh!" is always there - in a purely random rhythm.

A few days ago, I started a new save file and today I completed the Pay Ray mission. Then I worked in the garage, and from this point onwards, TK seems to have a seizure! :-D

Question: Did someone else notice this or similar sound issues, and if so: Is there a chance to get around this, e.g. by completing the next main job?

If you're interested, I'd post exactly what I did, in order to make that happen.
But for now: Please help me! That "hurgh!" is really driving me crazy!


After turning off the console and playing on the next day, that weird sound bug was gone and never happened to me again, so far! :-D :-D :) 8) :arrow: :twisted: :-|

Still, it was weird, because I always use two profiles (one back-up profile for safety reasons, e.g. if I'd screw up something at my first profile or if it gets corrupted during relocating when sitting inside a car - a common PS2 bug...). And at the day it was happening, I reloaded both of the profiles each thrice, but it occured to me everytime, as soon as I was leaving the garage.
And like I said, after a restart of the console, everything was back to normal again. Very strange!

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