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This is literally looking like the Driver we all dreamed of
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Wow, this game has come a very long way since the original alpha demo! I will admit though, I kind of miss the "Driver 2 clone" look, I had a lot of fun playing that version (especially multiplayer, it was a dream come true!)

Can't wait to mess around with the SDK, I've got an itch that's been bugging me for years ;)

Keep up the good work, Soap! :D
Hi everybody, I'm new here and english is not my native language...
So don't be surprise if I make mistakes...

It's been a year now i've played the last demo of Driver Syndicate. And I find this project awesome !
Very promising by the look of it !
I just wanted to tell you some ideas which I had in mind...

Here is some vehicules suggestions :

1. Ramp truck (to jump over)
2. 18 wheeler (Peterbilt 359)
3. Compact (1978 AMC Pacer)
4. Flatbed truck (1979 GMC 7000) (It can carry 3 heavy cement pipes. When the truck hit a solid object or player, cement pipes will fall on the ground.)
5. Station wagon (1975 Ford LTD)
6. Pickup (1972 GMC C-series)
7. School bus (1977 International Harvester Loadstar)
8. Taxi (1978 Chevrolet Caprice)
9. Spécial unit (1970 Mercury Montego) (Unmarked car. More agressive than normal police cars) (Appears when felony is 100%)
10. 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV
11. 2nd police car (1978 Plymouth Fury)
12. Van (1976 Chevrolet Van)
13. Foreign car (1969 Nissan Fairlady)
14. 4x4 (1978 Ford Bronco)
15. Landboat (1972 Cadillac Sedan deVille)
16. City bus (1976 GM TDH 5303)
17. Old car (1957 Chrysler 300c)
18. Muscle car (1971 Plymouth Barracuda)


It would be awesome to have on the cars :

- Chromes reflexions
- More fragments in collision
- Damaged engine sound
- Car on fire when is totaled
- Turn signal (like Driver 1)
- Loosing car parts (bumpers, hoods...)
- When player activate the handbrake, if you accelerate, the car engine will roar.
- Speedometer
- Cruise control

Here is some environement suggestions :

- Golf Course (with bumps, water, sands, grass, destructibles golf caddy...)
- Industrial docks (with containers, wood crates, irons barrels, cranes, boats...)
- Cement canal (like L.A. River)
- Residential (with houses, gardens, wood fences, parked cars with alarms...)
- Airport (with big asphalt zone, big warehouses, some ramps, metal fences, static planes...)
- Rural zone (with barn, static tractor, fields, fences, straw bales, car wrecks, dirt track...)
- Gas station
- Parking lots (with billboards, parking meter, shopping cart...)
- Work area (with bumps, dirt, cement pipes, woods panels, house foundations, building under construction...)
- Desert (with caravans, house wreck, cactus, powerlines, train tracks, small bushes, rocks...)

Keep up the great work, Soap !
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By Xtreemo
This game is looking wonderful. I love how you converted the classic cars instead of making new ones.

My suggestion is making Driver 2, Driv3r and DSF Tanners as well; with Driv3r as the casual character and Driver 2 and DSF versions as a bonus.
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By Dark Kostas
Got to say a huge thanks for all this effort in this. Just found out about this project(and Skylabh's) and i'm amazed on how they look. I have downloaded the demo(and the update) and will try them tomorrow(it's 5.30 am now and i kept reading this forum for more than 2 hours going through the decrypt of the driver 2 level file and the rest topics).

I hope you get back and show us more amazing progress of this!
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