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By Vortex

It seems that a dev reveals the purpose of Newcastle, take it with a grain of salt
He said it in the comments section of this vid' (link removed)

"The reason why the cars are all on the wrong side of the street was because the engine only supported US lane systems (the game was set only in the US afterall).

The reason why it's only on the quayside... there's a couple of reasons for that. Basically it was made in a week and didn't have the time to be made larger, the original spec was also for the credits only and the car would stop at 5/6 iconic pubs/bars on the quayside where a bunch of developers would pile out and into the faux jag, clown car style. The credit of each developer would have accompanied them as they went from the club to the car.

This idea raised a few eyebrows inside the studio (didn't want it to be misconstrued as DUI) and was rejected so the credits are what they are.

It's nice that people received it so warmly considering it was so rushed but it was a love letter to the city, albeit a cheap, piss-stained one. Looking back at it now it looks a bit hideous (we still love you PS1) but it really represents a different era of video game making where it was a lot more free-wheeling IMO and people didn't have to fall in line with corporate interests quite so much and if you had time and showed interest and initiative you could make your own cool contributions to a finished video game."

It was made with the idea in mind that it would be used for the credits where a car would drive from bar to bar to take home fellow developpers but it was changed because it looks like too as drunk people driving.

This is said, do anyone know MattJ155 ? Is it a member or past member of driver madness ?
It looks a little too much to me that he's looking to take informations behind everyone's backs to do a video on histoire channel to tell them and i dont like that, i prefer raw material. But hey, i may be wrong. :mrgreen:
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By Vortex
helegad wrote:I heard of this MattJ guy and last night I watched a VadimM "GTA beta" video where he was credited with info. Search for him on GTAForums I guess.

Are you talking about Barry Richtoffen (good) or MattJ (not good) ?

Anyway, i edited OP with removed link and only the comments that is interesting.

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