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By PrototypeDriver
Noticed this thing since March, and now I wanna tell it!
I discovered the perfect way to take the camera into the car!
In fact I'll tell you how to do that!
1st - take some little ride or stay on te starting place in one city of your choice (Miami, Nice or Istanbul)
2nd - get out of the car and wait out some seconds, still of your choice
3rd - get back in the car!
4th - pause the game and go to film director, not into view replay
5th - when you're in the film director mode, go to edit camera or to add camera
6th - go to first view person mode and press ok
7th - always press "step" (the icon at the right side of play/pause icon) until you don't hear the opening car door sound effect
8th - go to "Edit Camera" and take the 1st view person mode, to see tanner while he gets out of the car...
9th - when he is still in the car, go back to edit camera and take the tripod camera. The camera will go fast out of the car in one of the two directions, so go in the opposite direction and take the tripod camera in every available place in the car.
10th - after that, press ok and see again the video, this time completed
If you have problems with that, tell me about it and I'll help you!
P.S = It doesn't work in some of the vehicles, like 18-wheelers or trucks
P.P.S. = it is not fake!
P.P.P.S = I couldn't take a video because I have the PC broken and my iPad can't upload them on facebook...
Thanks for reading this
By Wheels
By Wheels
Man, this topic is from december 2012.
Then explain why this topic was considered a recent topic BEFORE I EVEN POSTED in here? (Not being mean)
By Wheels
Then I guess it's no longer an old thread. Idk, just my prediction.
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By max.thunder
Maybe is a recent topic for your profile since you are a new user and you have lots of unread posts.
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By Skylabh
Maybe is a recent topic for your profile since you are a new user and you have lots of unread posts.
Seems to be the reason. Btw nobody replied until recently. And don't expect to have a reply from the OP because the topic is old. :)

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