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By racer123246
Hey everyone, i'm new here, but I always read the posts :lol: . I know the very popular glitch (Little Havana) and decided to try it. On Saturday1 July 18, 2009 at 11:10 am (ET) I made history. I used the Big Rig and Dumpster way and surprisingly made it. While I was try to get through, I kept thinking "Maybe I should record this." Well, unfortunately I didn't record it, But I did take pictures! I have them on my personal website. So, let me post a link: ... id=6558478

Click on each picture to see a bigger view.

As far as I know, I am on of like 100 who have made it through, have proof, and the proof is colored.
By cleone
I got in Little Havana before, but it is glitchy as hell, and very hard to get into.
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By Sedans
Nice. I got in there before. It's not that rare, all I needed was like a van and.. well I don't remember, but I know I used a van to get over the original wall.
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By emmetmcl
I got in there a few months ago.

After I read about it here, I made it my mission. :)
I got in after a while, the wall gave me a fright first of all. Then, on the other side when you just fall, I wasn't expecting that.

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