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By madness
DRIVER: Parallel Lines Trailer Contest
I hope everyone is having fun practicing their DRIVING skills in Parallel Lines. All of a sudden I think it’s time to see some practical work by a top wheelman. Just remember "you are the wheelman"

Basically I’m looking for the person who can create the best Parallel Lines Trailer.

So if you know what you’re doing you can start capturing video form your XBOX or your PS2 to you computer so you can export it to make the ultimate trailer. More Information will be coming soon.

To sign up for the latest updates on all Competitions please sign up here , there is no need to make another account.

There are somethings you should know before you enter this contest. Just in case you wondering there is no prize just the satasfaction of winning.

So I hope you all decided to enter this contest and I hope you win.
By nato777
I don't have a capture card for my TV :( :( :(
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By madness
:lol: first person interested in the contest. Only to know that he dosen't have a capture card :(. Oh! well there are a few other alternatives, like DVD Recorders and of course if you get the PC version you can use FRAPS :D
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