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By madness
Parallel Lines is ment to be released in March. No date has been confirmed but you'll be warned by when this date comes. :)
By joeyss
Geez I hope it comes out for lt looks alsome
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By madness
Yep, i hope it comes out on PC as well. And i think i herd that it's going to be released on the 14th but different area's on the world mean different dates.
By jacob
Hey it would make sense for DPL to be released in NZ on the same day as in Australia wouldn't it because I don't have a gaming store in my town like EB Games. We only have stores like Dick Smith and Bond & Bond that sell other electronics and I don't think they would know when DPL is released... So I'm not really sure what date it would come out, I might try visiting and EB website if they have one.

By the way- great job to madness and all the others who made this site!! It''s really good! :D
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By madness
There seems to be no Australian or NZ eb games website there only seems to be an american site.
By jacob
I suppose I could look up and EB Games listing in the New Zealand Whitepages and phone them. They've got to have an 0800 number in there somewhere.
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By madness
Hopefully they do.
By Arce
Maybe it will come out for PC.
You know Driv3r wasnt scedualed to come out for PC
Then it just did.

If it did come out for PC I would get it for that instead of XBOX
only because you can probly have custom soundtracks, downloadable
missions, custom skins, custom car parts (new body kits performance
upgrades paint jobs etc.) An best of all online play.

I really love online play for any game, I bought SWAT3 not too long ago
it never gets old because of that old ESRB warning : gameplay expirience
may change during online play. Thats exactly why it doesnt get old bec-
-ause it tests your skills.

But yea back to the PC topic, YES IT BETTER COME OUT FOR PC!!!! :!:
By MuRderous_DaVe
For those who live in the US it's March 14 which is alittle less than two weeks away. As for Europe I'm not sure.
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By madness
Yep i've noticed that the earilist release date is 14th of March for you lucky people. Some of us have to wait another few more weeks :( .

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