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By madness
The Official Parallel Lines Strategy Guide has just been released.

Driver: Parallel Lines Strategy Guide - US$16.99

Prima's Official Game Guide includes details on the game's 80 vehicles, how the latest Felony System works, brand-new upgrades (bulletproof windshields!), mini-games, the online mode, and more. The fourth edition of the genre-defining action/driving game by Reflections Interactive, this new edition is set in New York City and features an open mission structure as well as online play features.


# Complete walk-thru's for all the story missions!
# Uncover every vehicle in the game with our comprehensive chart!
# Locations for all 100 bonus tokens revealed!
# Statistics and locations for every secret mission in the game
# Detailed data for all 14 weapons.


Platform: Video Hintbooks
Category: Video Hintbooks
EB GAMES Item Number: 260693
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By bb_42001
the guild looks good or does it????

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