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By Skeleton
Story (8/10):

The story was really great and interesting it was holding you in the game. Going to 06 after 78 was a great thing. DPL has the best story that you can find in a driver game.

Controls (6/10):

Car controls was great but i can't say the same thing for motorcycles it was nearly impossible to drive it probably also player movements were not too bright too.

Graphics/Sound (7/10):

First of all the cutscenes were just amazing.I couldn't wait to watch them. The graphics in Driver Parallel is not the graphics for 2007 but it doesn't bother you. The damage model is great if you compare it with gta. Also buildings draw distance is amazing you can see everything from far away.Player models are not too bright they mostly act unreasticly and mostly their foot is under the ground.
Games voice acting is way better than driver 3 and the musics at 78 and 06 is very good and fun to listen.

Missions/Difficulty (7.5/10):

The missions were less,buw except the first couple one it was a lot of fun.
The difficulty was just right,it was not bothering you.

Result: 7.0

sorry for short review because of my english :oops:
By Moonchild
It's a good review and your english is fine. I pretty much agree with you on all the points (hence why both our scores are similar) except for the story.

I thought it was good too but i still think that Driver 2 has the best story, DPL would be second then Driv3r and then finally way on the other side, the original Driver.
By TannerDRiVER
Perhaps, I shall agree, that in Driver 2 was more fascinating plot, than in Driver PL. But, as a whole, a review is a good!
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By Coyote
Good Review !

The best stories are in the 1st Driver and in Driver 2 I would say…

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