Modding discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines.
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By madness
I've been going around the internet asking for assistance modding driver: parallel lines and driv3r and so far this is the closest I've got to seeing the ability to import you own music files.

I've been talking to the team who created the "ToWav - Xplorer" and they replyed to me with the following message.
Author of tool ToWav - Xplorer - said that now he haven't much time to
do it. He said that he look into you request only in the end of August
or late.
If something changes we're inform you.

With best regards,
I'll update everyone whenever we get an update on this issue. I thought I'd post this so everyone knows what's going on.
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And here it is: ... ile_id=333

This tool can convert *.XA files to *.WAV and different audio formats back into *.XA. So now we can input our own music. I've made a little video to show you that it works with Driver Parallel Lines. Works also with Driv3r.
Utilities for Driv3r/Driver: Parallel Lines

Copyright (C) 2007 Deniz Oezmen (

All trademarks and copyrights mentioned implicitly or explicitly in this file or
the software described below are property of their respective owners.


Converts sound files to the XA format.

Usage: WAV2XA <XAFile> <InFile0> [<InFile1>] [/compress] [/parallel]

XAFile Specifies the XA file to be created.

InFile0 Input sound file for track 0.

InFile1 Input sound file for track 1. (optional)

/compress Causes compression of the audio tracks.

/parallel When specified, the XA file will be created for use with
Driver: Parallel Lines. Otherwise, the format of Driv3r
will be used.

Every XA file can contain up to two tracks, where the second track is optional.
All input files are required to be stereo sounds with a sample size of 16 bit. If
both tracks are used, the sample rates have to match.

WAV2XA supports multiple input file formats (including PCM WAV, MP3 and OGG)
through the Audiere Sound System ( by Chad
Austin. Call WAV2XA without parameters to see a full list of the possible input
file types.

The audio compression scheme results in smaller XA files (roughly 1/4th the size
of a comparable uncompressed file), but reduces the sound quality slightly. Also
note that when using compression, the input sound files should have a sample rate
which is a multiple of 4082 Hz. If this is not the case, the frequency is
automatically adapted, leading to distortion, which might be audible as a tempo
and pitch change.


Extracts and converts audio tracks from XA files.

Usage: XA2WAV <XAFiles>

XAFiles Specifies the XA files to be converted. Wildcards are
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By Doc
Some great news there Jay. And my thanks go to Deniz for developing such a great tool. Time to add some more interesting music!
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By madness
Yeah, I've been talking to Deniz for a while and recently wanted to test his new sound compression Library. So he created this tool for us.

This tool wasn't created by the "CTPAX-X" team but someone else (Deniz) who I was talking to earlier this year.

Luckily he is happy enough to help work on a tool for the sound archives. I should have more information on that sometime in the future and cannot wait to see such a tool.

Also for references sake take a look at the news post I posted earlier last week = ... pic_id=808

Most people don't know how to use command line tools so I have decided to write a tutorial on that soon too!
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I've written a tutorial yesterday:, ... uegen.html

It's in German, but maybe you can use a translation tool...or wait for Madness' tutorial. :)

Adding custom tracks without replacing original tracks

Yes, it work's, because the PC version hasn't all the songs from the PS2 version in it. Have a look at the following list:

We have a lot of gaps we can fill with custom tracks. Example: Make a *.XA file and rename it 17.XA. You won't find this file in the folder "Driver Parallel Lines/Music", but the game will recognize it. So we could complete the soundtrack with all the missing songs from the PS2 game.
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By Badnick24
Sorry to bump a 6 year old thread but I really want to use this tool. And every single link is DEAD. Just my luck! Can anyone PLEASE spare the time to help me out???
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By Badnick24
Do you know where I can get some sort of tutorial? I can't seem to get this thing to work and I can't find any tutorial on that site.
just copy and paste XA2WAV.exe , XA2WAV.cfg, XA2WAV.dof and XA2WAV.dpr to driv3r (or driver parallel lines) music directory. then make a shortcut and go to properties for that shortcut and enter the folowing: %.xa

(% is the music name in this case 07)

then just run the shortcut
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By Badnick24
Does the same go for WAV2XA? I'm trying to put some songs into the game.

EDIT: Okay I managed to convert a .wav to .xa but I don't know what the name should be. Which ones in the music folder are music in the game?
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By Badnick24
You need to use the /compress and the /parallel commands for the .XAS to work in DPL as well.
I have a favor to ask: Do you think, if you know how to do this, you could convert the Boy From the City song by SLOMO (driv3r) and send it to me so I could put it in Driver Parallel Lines? I know this might be a lot but I really get confused dealing with these kinds of things. If you could do this, it would really help me out! :D

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