Modding discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines.
By ThE RandoM GuY
Today im making this post to ask the Driver pl texture modding community for help in a skin mod im making, this is a fix for the Bonsai Racer that i made because i noticed something, and it's that just like the stock Bonsai, the Bonsai Racer was intended to have double headlights instead of single headlights, like shown in this picture "" but as many people know Reflections replaced the double headligths with single, and they didn't pay the attention that issue deserved, just see "" obviusly i was not going to keep something like that, so i make a fix myself by using DXTbmp and SLConverter to make this "" but, since i am a noob in texture modding the skin i made has two BIG glitches, glitch 1. the car dosen't have any engine or horn sounds so when you speed up or use the horn the car is totally muted and glitch 2. well i think is better to you to look out for yourselves "" so i want to ask the community of texture modders to help me fix those two BIG glitches i will post the textures that i made and the original textures for the Bonsai Racer as well as the textures of the stock Bonsai so you can start working into making this textures perfect like the textures of the realistic NYPD M700

link for the skins "" thanks for reading and good luck.

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