Modding discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines.
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By Sunrise424
Restore PS2 Music- ... -ps2-music
Multi-player v0.1- ... c.rar/file
Widescreen Fix (by ThirteenAG)-
Draw Distance- ...

XA to WAV- ... -novo.html
SL Convertor v 1.04- ... v-104.html
Fireboyd's tools- ... /artifacts

Parallel MMGE 1 (by Zeki)-
Parallel MMGE 2 (by Zeki)-
SweetFX (by Zeki)- ... s.rar/file
ENBSeries- ... 74f-43822/

Jump Trainer- ... /detection

Unused Cargo Trailer back in game (by Klancnik777)-1978- ... ns.sp/file

Extended Spedometer 1978- ... -1978.html
Extender Spedometer (Colorido)- ... metro.html
GTA 4 Radar Style (by Redwich)-
Render Weapons Icons (by Redwich)-

Texture skin
Lincoln Clay Jacket (by Zeki)- ... jacket-rar

Texture Cities
McDonald's Manhattan(by AxEL379k1)- ...

Vehicles Textures
NYPD Skin (by Jay)- ... -m700.html
FBI Skin (by Doc)- ... -m700.html
LAPD Skin (by Doc)- ... -m700.html
Lamborghini Miura 1971- ... 1.rar/file
Black M700- ... n.rar/file
Realistic NYPD (by Olanov)- ...

If I missed some mods you can write it to me and I'll add
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By direstraits
Original oezmen XA2WAV ->
Updated WAV2XA GUI ->
DPL Handling Mod (from -> ... ndling.rar

FBI Skin and LAPD Skin are offline because went down so i don't have the archives anymore.
I also saw a Wendy's burger mod, but I can't find the link anymore

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