Modding discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines.
Hello guys,

After Driv3r multiplayer client and server released we decided to work with Driver Parallel Lines.
It is not that stable compared to Driv3r multiplayer.

  • 2-6 Player support
  • Car and ped sync

At least .Net Framework 2.0 to run
Tested with the unpatched US version
Exe file size: 6 270 976 bytes

  • Kurtis
  • Sleepy
  • WhiteSnoop


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It's always amazing to see online added to a game that didn't have it.
Anyway, it would be also great if you work on a Driv3r Multiplayer 0.2 or give some instructions to the open source to maybe see some improvements in the future :P
Driv3r MP's source code already uploaded to git-hub and to mediafire anybody could download and work with it.
nowadays we don't have too much time for working on it....
By the way to add new improvements to the d3mp is not so easy.

I've already tried to add DX hook to write Connected and Disconnected messages into game but it didn't work.
Thx for the reply.
I know that the source code is released but i don't think anybody here know what to do with the files, the programs needed, what files do what,...

Anyway, i had the chance to try it with 2 fellows from Driver-Dimension and it was a blast ! Great work !
Skylabh wrote:You need Microsoft Visual Studio to be able to write , modify , compile, execute and debug the code. This is how, just for the fun, i translated the Driv3r multiplayer client and server in french. :mrgreen:

You should upload the french version

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