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By Klancnik777
ROFL you are late. Tanner didnt die. there was a sequel to Driv3r : Driver San Francisco. and it came out back in 2011
By TheMaDPlaYa
i completed driv3r years ago for 1st time, just i wrote it now. is driver san francisco the sequel to driv3r? also is it worth trying it?
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By TheEngiGuy
Driver San Francisco is indeed the sequel of Driv3r. It feels like a reboot as well since almost everything is changed.
Anyway yes, Driver SF is worth a shot, it's awesome.
By Wheels
DSF seemed like a complete joke. Driver PL, Driver 3, 2, and 1 did better than DSF. The storyline sucked, and the choosing of cars were terrible. Like seriously. Who the f**k would want to drive a failed replication of a Impala, or one of the other most ugliest cars of today? Throw in more old generation cars and we could be having a good compilation of fun with the game.

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