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By max.thunder
Run The Gauntlet Trailers
In my opinion DrIVer experience will begin in April 23rd of 2010
By Miller
In my opinion DrIVer experience will begin in April 23rd of 2010
That would be a nice birthday present (April 24), but I guess I would have to wait to play until I get a better PC than I currently own.

Most of the time I play games that have been out for a long time anyway. That is partly because I am usually behind the times technologically (still watch a tube TV), but also because the bugs are out and the mods are in by then.

People play good games for so many years now that it seems like you do not have to worry about missing out on a decent online multiplayer gaming experience with a particular game if you wait a couple of years to purchase and play it. I guess it is probably more exciting to ride the wave and catch the buzz, though. I have not jammed any vid online since some years ago.

Thank you for the videos. I think it looks cool seeing these little embedded videos at This is the first time clicking on "Watch at YouTube" ever opened the YouTube page for the video when I tried to use that feature with an imbedded video.

So, what is it anway causing all the pauses when I watch a lot of videos, especially the ones that say HD? Is it the servers or my own set up? My connection speed is usually between 15MBps and 20MBps. Is that not good enough to watch a high quality video without it pausing when that rebuffering message thing comes up? It seems like my PC should be good enough to watch the latest game video, even if it can't play the latest game. I got a P4 at 2.6GHz, 3GB of RAM, and a 512MB DDR2 vid card.

Thanks again for the videos, man.
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By max.thunder
My PC sucks,when DrIVer will be released for PC I'll need better PC,nowadays the specs of my PC are P4 3.3GHz, 1GB RAM and 512 MB of video card.

Nowadays the technology goes very fast,i bought my PC 4 years ago and now it's a crap,i only can play old games,in my opinion some old games are better than nowadays games,there are a lot of classics like Driv3r,Battlefield 1942,Battlefield 2,Medal of Honor Allied Assault,GTA Vice City,Madden 2005,Return To Castle Wolfenstein,Counter-Strike 1.6,Delta Force,Splinter Cell,Hitman,The Getaway,Ford Street Racing,Starsky and Hutch,etc, that games brings me old times,i still enjoy them but someday i'll need some new games.
I had a idea to buy an XBOX 360 but i'm used to play the games in a PC,i enjoy more playing in a PC than in the consoles,especially the shooters and racing games.

It's the connection speed,in my opinion to watch videos without pauses you'll need 100MBps,to watch HD videos without pausing them, you probably will need more than 100MBps ,in Spain we have the worst Internet connection,Spain is the country of European Union where the Internet is most expensive and the connection speed is not real,you contract 100MBps and they will give you less than 100MBps.

I will post more videos of Driver series but today is a hard work to find them but i will not give in
By Miller
Wow, I like those games you mentioned. Several of them are currently installed on my rig, including DRIV3R. I had a lot of fun playing MoH:AA and BF1942 online in the past. I liked that Interstate mod for BF1942 that was like playing the Interstate and Vigilante-8 games.

My connection speed is the hold up, eh? What a bummer. I thought I had it going on. LOL! Thank you for the reply, man.

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