Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
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By WhiteSnoop
Hey forum, long time no posting from me.
So I want to share a cheat table with you guys that lets you walk much faster than usual.

Code: Select all- The script will enable you to apply your own modifier
- Bump code has been disabled (with some cool side affects, check my video)
- Fall damage has been disabled (because of the side affect, I had to disable it)
(right click and save links as)

Some extra notes, I have also included the code for the speedometer.
The table has an update feature so you don't have to come back often to check if I've added something new!

Here's my video showcasing it.

And here's VortexStory's video
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By crashman2552
ok, how do I use these, lke - where do I put them?
please leave a detailed explaination, cos I'm a bit thick, lol
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By crashman2552
Vortex wrote:

I cant see what you have put, but in the reply section, I see it was youtube, can you paste a link please.
I really need to know how to use CT
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