Share videos you've created/found here!
By Miller
Excellent move, man! Thank you for making this topic. I like the way you have arranged your presentation of this topic offering some select videos for viewing immediately as well as having the hyperlinks to other videos and your video channel.

You have a very nice collection of DRIVER 2 videos, man.
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By max.thunder
Cool vid!
With that music it gives to the game more 70s feel,hope that the new Driver will have some old style(cars,music,weapons,etc)
By Miller
Good to see you, man. It looks like you have been pretty busy with the music scene. Your channel has been looking nice, too. I can hardly wait to see this DRIVER 2 video series. I did not know it until recently, but the graphics card and memory upgrade I got for my desktop PC since I last recorded with Fraps has helped increase the frame rate I can get in recordings. That will be nice.

I only recently noticed increased the time limit for new users to fifteen minutes, so I uploaded DRIVER 2: Las Vegas Jump Run. It looks pretty good shown all in one piece at high definition. I will embed it in the first post of the following topic in this section. ... 7976#p7976
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By max.thunder
Thanks for the info Biscaynes :wink: , sorry for my fail Postal Dude

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