Modding discussion for Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back.
Hi !
As you know already, I`ve extracted few textures from Driver 2 (didn`t stopped at extracting them, yet), and I`ve decided to re-make their models, as using as base a generic Driver models. So far by, I applied the Chicago and Vegas cop cars PSX textures:
Looks pretty crappy, so I`ll try to remap the whole model, so that it`ll use another paths (instead of resizing each texture). Stay tuned for news, and more textures at the The complete Driver 2 textures collection! :)
Make sure to get the Beta 18 wheeler in Chicago!!!
I knew it would fit on the Farlane (the front of Havana's look like the Far;ane :D I'm glad someone tried my idea lol)

EDIT: dudes wtf? i can't find that topic where i wrote that the texture would fit on the Farlane :S
Nope. You maybe said it first, but I was already texture investigation and UV mapping the Farlane. At below are located the reasons I used Farlane as base, instead any another car:
Beta Havana Patrulla Hood
Driver PC Farlane Hood
Driver PSX Farlane Hood
Beta Havana Patrulla Front
Driver PSX Farlane Front
Driver PC Farlane Front
Beta Havana Patrulla Back
Driver PSX Farlane Back
Driver PC Farlane Back

See? :wink:
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By Submaniac
Lol i didn't know you were already on it. But still, they obviously share their base texture placements (same hood, similar lights etc...) The only big difference is the side texture of the trunk.

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