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By max.thunder
In this video we can see Martin Edmondson talking about their brand new game for PS1 with some gameplay footage.

For Driver skip to 0:50
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By madness
Good fine :)
Games have come a long way.
I'm so used to seeing the PC version of Driver 1. I never realised how Driver 1 looked on PlayStation.
Martin is looking younger :P of course madness is being captain obvious.
Wish Martin was still working with Ubisoft Reflections :(
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Agreed^ And I've mostly played the PS1 version of Driver 1 and like the Miami car better on the PS1 version. Ah, this was new to everyone once, this was realistic once. Ah the memories. I was playing this like crazy back in 2002-2004. In 2006 I had got D2 and played it a lot ever since. :) Excellent find.

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is there split screen on the pc version???