Modding discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman.
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By k9Underdogg
I'm not sure if this topic deserves its own thread but still, I was wondering if anyone knows how big the Newcastle level actually is. I mean if it's as small as it appears to be or if it goes on beyond the "Work Site" barriers. Also, is there a way to remove those barriers?

random screenshot to justify the post:

EDIT: Could someone please please please please please convert the Jaguar to another city? :mrgreen:
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By 0takumetalhead
1 or 2 bridges, 2 blocks connecting by a short road, there's nothing behind the barriers, and a dead end road. I've explored the crap out of this level. Doesn't deserve a new thread honestly.
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By k9Underdogg
Sorry, I thought that maybe some recent discovery in the games files could show otherwise :]
there's nothing but a void beyond the barriers.
Oh that clears it up for me, thanks! I wish they had actually made it bigger but I guess they were tired after making 4 big cities.
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By Coyote
I guess it just simply wasn’t worth making it bigger than it already is. It wasn’t even made to be played in, it was just made for the credits at the end of the game.
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By Fireboyd78
I'm pretty sure the Newcastle level was thrown together in less than a week so they could have someplace unique for the credits sequence. But what do I know? :P
By Krishty

That's it. That's Newcastle.

As further proof, Newcastle's level files are much smaller than the major cities'.

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