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As we all know, Driver is plagued with horrible UV mapping problems on almost all of the cars in the game. When I did the "real" Ferrari mod for the super fast red car, I asked Jeff for all of the Driver models so I could do UV mapping fixes. Thus, began the quest to fix all of the cars.

In the process, I decided to also restructure the way textures are laid out, for easier UV editing:


One of the users here suggested I make the cars look somewhat similar to their real-life counterpart, so I will most likely be doing this for some of the cars, if not all of them. The Ferrari is already done, so that's one down I guess. What I don't like about making them real cars is that the body style is nothing like the real thing, so this could mean trouble, lol.

As you can see, I have made a simple modification for the purple car in Los Angeles, a 1970 Pontiac LeMans. I added the split in the middle and added the real headlights.

Here's the car mapped onto the model, with my UV fixes of course:


I don't really feel like updating a whole bunch on this, since it'll just slow me down. This isn't restricted solely to UV mapping - I have also made minor (major fixes on the pickup truck) changes to the models themselves, since some of them are just a piss poor excuse for a car model :P

I plan on having these included when the new importer comes out. I'm not quite sure what to do about damage, but I definitely will figure out what to do when we get to that point.

-Dr. Doom


I haven't actually finished it yet (I procrastinate a lot 8)), but here's a preview of what the Ferrari is going to look like:


Again, IT'S NOT FINISHED. Hope you enjoy it!
RaceCarDriver wrote:Good job! :D Maybe you can try asking Racingfreak for the better looking beta car models and textures that were extracted from the flat.lev

Way ahead of you ;)

I'm definitely using the beta Chevelle, not sure about the beta Nova though...
1 - in Pontiac GTO (white) you should change rear lights on these ones from flat.lvl
2 - I still think that "camaro" superfly should be '68 Charger, period.
3 - for Chevelle / Skylark - make Blue beta Skylark or modify Chevelle textures to make this: ... -panel.jpg
4 - i know it is UV mod, however I know you are modifying SWB 3d model too - it should have more vertical, flat front main lights.
Well, I was trying to make only minor changes to the cars, but I am open for suggestions. I was definitely going to try and make the Chevelle have the real headlights ;)

About the SWB, It's really hard trying to work with such a low-poly's nearly impossible to make it nice and round and/or refine the shape of it. *sigh*

And I've always liked the look of the Superfly just for what it is. But if people want it to be come a Charger, fine. I'll make it a Charger.
The rear lights are a dead giveaway. And if you look closely at the side texture, you can see the 69 Camaro body hidden under all the photoshopping :P


I did a 1969 Charger for the Superfly...


But it was only after the fact I realized you requested a 1968, NOT a 1969. *face palm*
I think it's originally a Camaro since the textures are labeled xCAMx in the levels. It should be noted that they did not use a single car as a base for their models, so it is very possible that it is a Camaro-Charger hybrid.

Awesome job on the UV fixes so far :D !
Looks great. But I have a few suggestions:
1. I really hope that you use the beta model for the Charger/Camaro as it looks much more better(esp. the front).
2. For the Charger/Camaro textures, I suggest you include all the textures in the final so that users can choose which texture they want for each city (Eg. Original textures for Miami, 68' Charger for SF, 69' Charger for LA and Camaro for NY - It's up to the users to choose what they want for each city).
3. If you are also modding the Nova, Cadillac or the St.Regis Cop car, I would suggest that you use their beta models from flat.lev as there are some differences from the final.
4. Like what Clutch said, you should use the beta textures for the Pontiac Grand Prix as they look more closer to the original.
RaceCarDriver, the only way that would work is if I released multiple models for people to import. So indeed, I will probably include an original Superfly, a '68 Superfly, a '69 Superfly, and who knows what else.

Just some suggestions.


Alright, so the '68 Charger has been created, along with the new Chevelle -


All that's left:

-Brown Camaro
-"Torino" (I think it's a Mercury Monarch)
-Both Cadillacs (but of course, I will only remake one :lol:)
-Superfast Thunderbird
-Skylark (I'm going to use the beta model)
-Cop car (Will be using beta model)

That's all that's left, really. This has been a lot of fun ;)
Clutch wrote:Charger looks just AWESOME. I love it in 2000%.
Chevelle - very good :)
btw, I stil think that it is Ford Torino:

btw, for references, there is awesome site:

Same model is present on the psx version, but never used in missions if i remember correctly. sorry if it is old news.
0takumetalheadgamer wrote:
Clutch wrote:Charger looks just AWESOME. I love it in 2000%.
Chevelle - very good :)
btw, I stil think that it is Ford Torino:

btw, for references, there is awesome site:

Same model is present on the psx version, but never used in missions if i remember correctly. sorry if it is old news.

The "Ford Torino" on the PSX looks horrific, it doesn't even have the proper visual details of a car xD
BTW, in the level files, it's referenced as "0MER1" and so on and so forth. So I came to the perfectly legitimate conclusion that this car is a 1977 Mercury Monarch. Coincidentally, what appear to be the original textures come in the form of a slightly modified civ car in New York...


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