Discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)
By ThE RandoM GuY
As you probably can remember the train in Driver Parallel Lines only spawn in free roam during 1978 but in 2006 it dosen't, i made some research and figured out that the only way to see the train during free roam in 2006 is when you complete the misson "The Mexican" and it only spawns in the rails during a short time, because when you load your game the train disappears and the only way to see it again is by repeating the mission, now my request to the community is to mod the game now missions.sp scripts so the train starts spawning during free roam in 2006, an idea that i have is that you have to take the mission script from "The Mexican" and use it as a base to make the train spawn or get the train scripts from the then mission.sp file, if you don't have Driver PL but you still are familiar with scripting for this game then i will leave the files that need to be modded here : http://www.filedropper.com/missionstomod_1

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