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By helegad
I'm running Windows 7 x64, and Driver Parallel Lines crashes to the desktop every time I select "return to main menu" from the options screen ingame. Does anyone else have this problem, or a fix for it? It's not an issue really, since when I go to do so I'm usually quitting the game anyway.

Mine's a Steam version, latest patch, no mods.

EDIT: It also crashes when TK is arrested or killed.
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By helegad
Dunno, Steam keeps all my games up to date. I don't think I can opt out either, nor do I want to. If the patch fixed other things but broke returning to the main menu, I'll live with that.
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By helegad
Yeah that Era Change crash is a bit of a deal breaker... how annoying.

Update: I fixed this. Somehow.

I renamed LOGO.XMV to something the game wouldn't detect, then set compatibility options XP SP3, disable visual themes, and run as administrator. The game will now change eras and go back to the main menu without a problem.

Here's the kicker: I reverted all these changes, and the game still works fine. It's like a flag needed to be changed somewhere or something like that.

I don't know. Anyway, try this if you have the same issue.
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Nice catch! Been wondering if there was a fix for this other than switching over to XP to play. Good work! (Y)

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