Discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)
By ChryslerM-Body
Basically the Police Prowler from Driv3r in Miami is reused as the NYPD 78 Police cruiser ( Zartex ) in D:PL, but they have some little details that make them different.. the Zartex tail lights are less longer than the Police Prowler. Also the Ford Ecoline in Miami have the same engine sound as the Andec.
The game engine from D3 is different from D:PL game engine altought they have similarities ( because the cops have the same behavior but D:PL cops AI are more advanced than thoses in D3 ).
Conclusions : this is the reason to love both games ( D:PL is underrated ), since they have similar sounds, ( some ) props, police AI and driving physics.

By ChryslerM-Body
I noticed the engine sound of the Miami Mustang ( '69 Bruiser ) is similar to the Cerrano engine sound except the mustang have a high pitch while the cerrano have a low pitch sound.
( another note : the Ford Bronco from D:PL was a redesigned Ford Bronco from Driv3r ( Istanbul pickup truck and Miami pickup truck with a bed hardtop ) ).

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