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By madness
Ubisoft Reflections games studio in Newcastle, UK seeks Senior Online Engineer
The successful candidate will work within a team of engineers at Ubisoft Entertainment implementing online features for their games that meet the requirements of the project’s Creative Director and Technical Lead. As an experienced engineer this person will be responsible for designing and implementing the technology required for significant online features. These could include networked physics simulation, networked game logic, plus higher-level features like matchmaking, session management, etc. Experience of online communities, e-commerce, downloadable content, etc. would also be beneficial. Requirements are at least 1 game completed on major home consoles or PC in a significant online/network programming position and experience solving online games issues related to latency, bandwidth and synchronization. They also seek an experienced character animator and on-line programmer. More details at
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By Driver of DOOM
Cool, i still wish they needed a tea boy who could get a sneaky peak :wink:, damn my lack of experience
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By 2umind
I've done a lot of 3D work with animation, modeling, texturing, lighting, etc. in programs like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Poser 7, etc. as well as Flash programming, video editing, website design and maintenance, 2D animation, all kinds of Advertising. If they ever have any job openings for someone with those kind of skills please let me know.
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By 2umind
24, am I too young? Also here's an image of one of my first 3D projects, I designed a Semi Truck and a Fatboy Harley Motorcycle. There were some animations I did with it as well, but I don't have them uploaded anywhere. All texturing, lighting, modeling done by myself from scratch...


Program used was Maxon's Cinema 4D.
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By bb_42001
24 seems like a good age.. and wow that is really good
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By madness
Teesside University Awards
The other Vis Awards were awarded to:

* Games Programming Award sponsored by Ubisoft - Winner: Ole Kristian Homelien
* Games Design Award Sponsored by Ubisoft - Winner: Justin Lim
* Digital Music Award sponsored by Loft Music - Winner: Sara Ross
* Character Animation Award sponsored by Ubisoft - Winner: Wei Xing Yong
* Modelling Award sponsored by Ubisoft - Winner: Peter Adamson

Winners of the Ubisoft Reflections sponsored-prizes have won rare internships with the company.

Ubisoft Reflections are one of the world’s leading computer games companies and their six month internships are individually worth the equivalent of a £7,000 salary and the prize-winners complete the placements at the end of their studies.
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By madness
Ubisoft files Killing Day, Driver trademarks

French publisher puts in USPTO claims for long-dormant first-person shooter, racing franchises.

Ubisoft also filed applications for the names "Driver: The Recruit" and "C.O.P.: The Recruit." In 2006, Ubisoft picked up the Driver license from Atari, which unloaded the IP and its developer Reflections Interactive for €19 million (then $24 million, now $26 million). As part of a BBC interview in June 2008, Ubisoft revealed that Reflections was at work on a new installment in the Driver franchise, the first since 2006's lackluster Driver: Parallel Lines.

As with other applications of this ilk, all three filings carried descriptors for "game software and electronic game programs, namely, software games recorded on CD-ROM and digital video discs for computers." Ubisoft had not responded to requests for comment on the filings as of press time.

Conveniently enough, the filings come as the industry gears up for the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which runs June 1-4 in Los Angeles. Ubisoft is expected to deliver its E3 press conference at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 1, and GameSpot will be on hand to report on news from the event as it happens.
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