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By madness
I've gone to check a little bit of it out but since I'm on dial-up I probably won't be able to see it all.

I've played a fair bit of Crash Day, the games got good graphics but was very glitchy and the handling felt a little awful. The graphics are lifelike but are still in the ps2 generation. So basically it's similar graphics to driver 3 but in a darker form. So really I should be saying about the same quality in a way. It's kind of a complicated thing to explain since it looks a lot better than other games of it's kind.

This game looks so awesome, when I went out to purchase the game EB told me that game is so sh*t why would you want to buy that. I'm amazed they said that when they could be making a sale. I purchased it and it's fairly good. The graphics so it looks good but plays bad.

But I still like it :P

Actually it's pretty interesting how they made the map similar to Driver 1 map and used the same health and damage bars. Reminds me of the original driver and a bit of Driver 2.

The damage didn't really show very well in that movie as it does in the game, but it's fairly well done with some good video editing techniques.

I'm not sure where the 7.5 comes from though...
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By Mario
what's the name of that song?
By TheGabo92
Pretty good, man. What program did you use to put the Damage bar and the map?
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By madness
Since I'm not the creator I cannot say how it was done in the video. However I believe this can be done in Sony Vegas, the map and the damage bar could be made in Flash and embedded over the top of the video in Sony Vegas 7. But getting them into sync would be hard.

It would also be possible to make them as an image and change the overlay.

Or you could use the media generator to generate the green with the red expanding over the top.

In fact there is many ways how you could achieve this when I think about it.
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By Driver911

Do you have Sony Vegas? I heard that it's pretty awesome!

TheGabo - I used Pinacle, 3 or 4 steps little more professional than Windows Movie

Which means, it's kinda same, but with alot more and it's not pro.
It can't take all files, but fraps run great!

Madness - Everything is kinda lame, cause I made all Damage bar, Map in Paint!!

It should look like a updated version of Driver1. (7.5).
But, it's'a old video, and back when I made it, I was a little gone since I choosed...v7.5????

The song is from Driver 1 especially in the Pursuit mode 1 Miami.
The car and the chased car was choosen by me so it gave the old cool look, but they're made by a cool guy known as Taigo/Tiago/Thaigo etc.
By TheGabo92
TheGabo - I used Pinacle, 3 or 4 steps little more professional than Windows Movie
Thanks a lot !
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By Mario
where can i get the song?
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By madness
You can download the PC soundtrack here. However I think that song was only played in the ps1 version which I haven't gotten around to ripping so you'll have to ask Driver911 to provide it.

I just noticed the map didn't achually move =D
So of course you made it in paint.

Maybe I should make one with Vegas combined with Flash and see how that looks =D

EDIT: In about 30mins I made this video. It's work checking out, It's an actual improvement of the video Driver911 posted.
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By max.thunder
My new video of Driver series
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