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By Sedans
Ok now here, instead of quoting driver reviews that werent typed by yourself, put links here instead, this is for everyone to use...

the whole point of this topic is for fairness, so, PLEASE BE FAIR
By nitrored
*cough* skeleton *cough* cheater *cough*
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By Sedans
Thats not nescicary man....
By nitrored
nither is skeleton spamming but that happens anyway! :P
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By madness
when quote boxes are used points aren't counted.
However when posts are made, 0.25 points is received, so that's 0.25 points for each review post.

Anyways in the future I plan to post every single review online so we can discuss it's totally wrong facts to it's right facts.

and the points system don't count for me!


Also it's a better idea and I won't delete any posts with reviews that cannot be found online so if you have a scan or type it up from a magazine I'll leave it up! Because whoever spent the time to do all that deserves the points.

However copy and pasted things is a little different.
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By Skeleton
nither is skeleton spamming but that happens anyway! :P
i don't need to hear a 11-year-old's comments. yes i opened three review topics from gamespot. so what?
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By Coyote
So what ?? So that's supid coz u dont need to opn a topic for each review. Thats why Sedans opened a created a new topic where you just give the links to the previews :P

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