Discussion for DRIV3R (2004)
By Driv3r fan
A long time ago I had posted how the game wouldn't run on anything but an Nvidia graphics card.

Turns out it was just the two laptops I used the game on. They have built in ATI graphics but possibly given they are the mobile versions they may lack certain things necessary for the graphics to be fully proper.

I installed it on a 2010 quad core desktop running Windows 10 X64 with 8 gigs of RAM and on board Intel graphics.

Game runs just fine.

Another thing I noticed.

On my XP computer when I played the game if I enabled 18 wheeler havoc mode in Miami and either went to the drawbridge area or had a high enough felony rating the cops would appear.

Eventually the game would abruptly stop and close completely out.

On this PC it so far hasn't done that and I've been playing the last 15 or so minutes with the cops and 18 wheelers.

Perhaps it was a PC performance issue?

The game itself runs great on Windows 10 and the PC has more than enough performance to where I can set the graphics resolution to that of the monitor's normal resolution without any performance issues whatsoever.

Even with the game's flaws and bugs I still love to play it. Sure there's better games out there, but this one is just so fun.

Well back to :specialdriver:
Oh there's plenty to discuss.

Also if you'll notice the emoticon is the ending of that sentence which I used instead of saying Driv3r.

You could answer the question I had about the performance issue.

You could talk about the graphics cards why the game didn't display right on the two laptops if you knew the reason or at least offered your opinion if you don't know the reason.

You could ask more about the game running on Windows 10.

You could ask me what some of the bugs and flaws are or share some you know of.
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