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Hi All

I'm curious, is there any beta/alpha versions of Driv3r, or info hidden in files that show some features possibly cut from the game?

I've recently come back to the Driver series and always felt like Driv3r was fun, but did always feel rushed and half-done - and the Driv3rgate scandal shows that was true.

Things like split screen multiplayer, only 3 cities instead of 4, etc - Did they originally plan multiplayer? Did they originally plan 4 cities?

I'm curious! :)
- According to interviews, they thought about multiplayer (i wouldn't say it was "planned" tho').

- There are some cut missions, cut audio (thanks to audiose we can hear them)

- According to iguide footage, the district you were in was meant to show up like in GTA.

- Mortain Mall could have featured more shops : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae0iVF1N5K0 and there were supposed to have supermarket carts in there according to textures.

Maybe more :P
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