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By madness
I’ve taken a close look at the fmv’s in both driv3r and in dpl and they look like they have been compressed too much, you can see all the little pieces of white grain when you look closely into the video and it’s native resolution is quite low, I really think the FMV’s should have been kept in HD quality.

I guess in the end they had to lower the quality because the game wouldn’t be able to fit on the disk any other way. But they could have decided to put it on a dual layer disk for the ps2 and pc since they both usually support dual layer and maybe xbox will have to stay compressed because of the restrictions of the xbox dvd drive.
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By Sedans
But they could do it if they made it a 2 disk thing, eh?
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By madness
having 2 disks can get quite annoying, switching from one disk to another.
it's quicker and easier to use a dual layer disk. the original xbox never supported dual-layer but the pc and ps2 did.

It only takes about 2 seconds to switch between the two dvd layers and dosen't require a person to move it. Having two different disks means that the player has to get to other disk out and place it in the consoles disk drive.
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By Sedans
true. but i guess if developers designed a disk that could be packed with more stuff itd work better
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By Lseven7
The quality of FMV's really frustrated me in D3, especially on my PC version. In PC they might as well give you the option of using more Hard Drive space to have better quality movies. I can understand the need for compression to get it on to one disk for consoles however.
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By madness
If your worried about it using too much HDD why not have the option to run it off the CD/DVD. As it saves a lot of hard disk drive space and makes use of the dvd.

You have to put the media in for copy protection process why not for the FMVs.
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By nobodie902
Who cares about FMV's?? So mutch talk about editing it and etc, but its seems pointless.. If i think FMV is thats what i think, then you could SPIT ON IT!

i wanna play driver1, let me see where is it..
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By madness
Well soon I'm planning on getting a HDCP 22" LCD Monitor.
And the first thing I want to do is play Driver: Parallel Lines.

Unfortunately the FMVs won't look much better because they have lower resolutions, yeah. I guess it saves an additional DVD Disk or instead of using the Single Layer they could used a Dual Layer.

I think they should have at least improved this in the PC Version.
Because many people are upgrading to higher quality screens.

The FMV's look pretty bad at the moment and for those of you who don't know much about 3d modeling, increasing the resolution doesn't increase the need to spend more time on creating the FMV's.

It just takes longer to render.
But is well worth the wait.

SIDENOTE: I rendered a 400frame scene at 40fps.
It took 16hours to render and it didn't even have anything even close to the quality used in driver: parallel lines fmv's.

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