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Ubisoft Reflections is working on a game which will be announced at next month's E3 conference. Speaking at the UK's Game Horizon conference today, recently appointed managing director Pauline Jacquey said her studio's involved with another game in addition to Watch Dogs, which is due on November 19.

"We work on Watch Dogs," Jacquey said, "We work on [Just Dance 4], and we work on something that I'm not supposed to tell you about. I wish that I could. It's going to be announced at E3."

Jacquey prefaced her studio's recent résumé by saying Reflections collaborates internationally with other Ubisoft studios. Reflections co-developed a number of recent Ubisoft games, including Just Dance 4 and Far Cry 3. The last game the studio took the lead on is 2011's Driver: San Francisco.

However, in a February GamesIndustry International interview, Jacquey said she also wants the UK-based Reflections to develop its "own games," going on to hint at a return to racing.

"So I want this [collaborative international development] to be a very strong pillar of the studio," Jacquey told GamesIndustry International, "But yes, I want us to do our own games and I'm very interested in the evolution of the industry like free-to-play and digital and mobile. And that's something that I did already, in the past. Not very famous games, but still millions of players. So I don't know exactly which shape it could take, I've only been here for three months, but my intention is to have a very varied portfolio and collaboration will not just be what we do.

"We already have interesting technology that we develop for the group that's linked to what we did in the past, driving. It's really cool, I think it's in the top technology you have at Ubisoft. And we have collaboration but we are already doing our own thing, but I can't talk about it." ... eal-at-e3/

Unlikely that it'll be a Driver game, but who knows?
That's very interesting in fact. It's not that unlikely that it will be a Driver game, read this again:
We work on something that I'm not supposed to tell you about. It's going to be announced at E3.
We already have interesting technology that we develop for what we did in the past, driving. […] but I can't talk about it.
She says there's a project she can't talk about, and she also says it has to do with driving. Could definitely be a Driver game! :D At the end of summer DSF will be two years old, so that's not unusual. Look at DPL for example, it came not even two years after Driver 3 and the first screenshots were released in late december 2005, a few months before it got released. (march 2006)
We discussed this on Driver-Dimension, and believe this is not the mentioned game. And this isn't Reflections' game! It's a game by a small french studio, Reflections helped them with a few things.

But Reflections are also working on their own game, which could either be a new Driver game, or something like Cop The Recruit.

Driver games don't usually take 4-5 years by the way. Between the first and the second we had a year, between the second and Stuntman if you want we had two years, between that and Driver 3, we had two years, between Driver 3 and DPL, we had two years, between DPL and DSF we had 5 years, mainly because of the change of owner / publisher. I wouldn't be surprised if a new game was announced now, after not even 2 years, since that is the average period there has been between Driver games.

It could even be possible that we see a release later this year. The first screenshots of DPL appeared in very late 2005, just a few months before the game was out.
Driver games don't usually take 4-5 years by the way. Between the first and the second we had a year, between the second and Stuntman if you want we had two years, between that and Driver 3, we had two years, between Driver 3 and DPL, we had two years, between DPL and DSF we had 5 years.
ok, 3 years haha i was just averaging (plus without stuntman, not a driver game). i just felt that they need say 3-4 years to make a good driver game again, with them helping on far cry and watchdogs they wouldnt have time to make a new driver game (plus all the retirements and recruitment). i would rather them take their time, make the best driver they can make.
Yeah obviously they've been working on other projects, I doubt they've been working on a Driver game already, except if maybe it was just a small part of the team working on Watch Dogs, etc.

I'd also prefer them to take their time, I waited for a really long time after Parallel Lines but Driver: San Francisco was just perfect to me :)
It's hard to compare development circles as there are too many variables involved like the size of the project, technology, personnel and marketing, so it's not easy to judge when a new Driver game will, if ever, be released.
Well, one WILL eventually be released because even months ago Reflections was asking questions on their FB page like what cities we would like to see that we haven't seen yet, etc. and on the Driver France page it said something like "While waiting for the return of Tanner, check out Assasin's Creed blablabla"
- The Crew is expected to play similar to Ubisoft Reflections most recent racer Driver: San Francisco, with a semi-arcade style of racing.

- As with Driver: San Francisco, The Crew will be open world with the ability to travel between New York City and Los Angeles, though the scale of these cities has been reduced.

- It is not clear whether you will travel through wilderness to reach each city or whether the game will simply load in each area.

- The Crew will also feature a similar ‘Google Maps’ style mechanic, presumably for navigating the open world.

- A ‘Freeride’ mode will be available too, which the option to choose between missions or challenges.

- Multiplayer will feature 8 players in either competitive or co-operative gameplay, though no more specific details were provided.

- As is the case with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs – and presumably many of the publisher’s next-gen games – The Crew will come with a companion app for mobile devices.

- It is presumed that The Crew’s release date will be before the end of 2013, presumably to tie into a next-gen release. With such a close release date, it’s safe to assume The Crew will be announced at E3 2013. ... -the-crew/
Hope none of that is too much true.
Meh, who cares as long as it isn't a Driver game? :P It can be the crappiest game ever in gaming history as long as the cover doesn't read "DRIVER" :D
I don't know, it could read Driver 76 too. D:

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