Post your wishes and/or speculations for any future/upcoming DRIVER games.
Forum rules: This forum is for posting fan-created wishes and rumors/speculation for a possible next-gen DRIVER game. All information is to be considered speculation and should not be taken as fact.

Which concept would you like to see in a next Driver?

Driver (in car)
Driver 2 (on foot)
Driv3r (on foot with weapons)
Driver San Francisco (Shift)
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By Badnick24
Driver 6 wouldn't work having Shift in it again. Shift was a major part of DSF because Tanner was in a coma. Your idea is nice, but it could technically be possible since it reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited's map screen where you could zoom waaay out and see Honolulu in its entirety. Kinda neat.

Edit: On an entirely unrelated note, this seems to be my 1,300th post! Yay me!
Yeah thats saddest thing about DSF. They ended it in a way that would not allow shifting in a sequel. Still though, at least shifting could work in multiplayer.

I also think they should remake Driver 1 and 2. :)
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By max.thunder
I forgot to say, bring back the Driver-Driv3r survival minigame.
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By Badnick24
Driver 6 wish:

For there to be a Driver 6
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By Steerclear
I think they could use shift again, but maybe just not as much or in a different way. For example, 'quick shift' for cop chases and races was pretty good and kept you in the action, I think the majority of this type of shift could be used when in free- roam though. Maybe instead of shifting Tanner around it could just be the person who's playing so they can play a few different roles (meaning not Tanner taking their place), like if Jones were to have a mission again like in Driv3r, so you would just shift into his mission. 70% playing as Tanner for example and the rest as other people, just to mix things up a bit. I would think it to be a bit strange for them not to use shift again considering they only just introduced it. But, as long as there is a new Driver game and that it's good fun to play, not really bothered as to on- foot- no- foot or shift!
By the kid 78
I wish if they put a huge map like Driver Parallel Lines and San Fransisco, with driving and shooting in DPL and missions like in Driv3r and Driver 2, with a good story like DPL and a lot of side missions like in DSF .

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