Post your wishes and/or speculations for any future/upcoming DRIVER games.
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By pete
They better have some friggin' BMWs in the next game.
Other Ideas:

TVR Cebera Speed 12

Ford Mustang GT

Phantom Corsair
By leggomyeggo
How about this beautiful car right here:
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a 1974 Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible, the illusive car
some may associate with Driver 2, as demonstrated below:
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With the PAL version though, features on the car have been
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with square headlamps and a non-split grille, whilst
some features remain the same.
What I believe is an official wallpaper (I could be wrong):
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It also features in the beginning of the game's title sequence:
Image thumbnail
Also in-game of Driver 2, there is a car in-game that resembles the Delta 88, seen here.
The car later makes a cameo appearance in Driver: Parallel Lines as the "Rosalita", seen here.
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I mean come on man those pictures are too dam big. Do you all really need to upload these HD ass pictures?
I usually upload pictures in 240p, sometimes in 480p, but that's it.
Anyway, some cars I'd like to see, I'm a man for odd and destructive vehicles allright :twisted:
A Scraper construction vehicle:
A 90's era garbage truck, mmm it's like it has giant knives in the front for tearing through traffic:
A Citroen 2CV, please, bring this baby back:
1930's era vehicles, like this beauty:

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By Xtreemo
As this is a fixed thread I don't see a problem about bumping it again.

I would really love to see the Jensen Interceptor Mark III 1974. It's my real life dream car - Playing it in a Driver game would be incredible.


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