General discussion for the DRIVER series.
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By squeaky
Here are my ideas:

Image: Beretta 92SB (Pistol)

Image: Magnum Desert Eagle (Pistol)

Image: Franchi Spazz 12 (SMG Shotgun)

Image: Mac10 (SMG Pistol)

Image: Uzi (SMG Pistol)

Image: AK47 (Shell Fuse Shotgun)

Image: Colt 15 (SMG Assult Rifle)
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By Coyote
I'm against guns in Driver 4, except if you can shoot out of the window, and you can turn around 360°.
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By madness
Hmm... I think weapons should work alright, as long as their not a big part of the game. Just like in driv3r they were just there. But you did have to use them.

I think in the next driver they should be there but you never have to use them, just while your in a vehicle.
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By squeaky
Well in DRIV3R the guns were used in pretty much every mission but I like the idea of shooting in some missions, as it is boring watching gunshot cutscenes and the gun you use in the cutscenes is never changable, so the effect is different.

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