General discussion for the DRIVER series.
Ok listen to this, hardcore Driver fasn may like Saints Row becasue after a little playing around look what I found:

Driver1: The most famous thing of he game. Hubcaps, they fly off when you hot corners
SR: It took me long enough but I discovered that in this game on certain cars of you hit thenm the hubcaps will come off

Driver1: Had a Black and white cop car
SR: Has a VERY similar car paint job, except here its on what appears to be a modern day crown vic.

Driver1: Freighttrain mode- allowed you to hit cars and they went flying AKA your car had the properties of a freight train
SR: Has the same thing, soon I may posyt a video showing comparison between the two.

Theres mnore but Im in a hurry so I'll add therm later..
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By Daltarin-Elite
This isn't a huge comparison though. Really these could happen in any game. But the hub caps were stupid. I counted 7 lost hubcaps in one mission, and i didn't change car.
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By madness
I think I would never worry about buying a xbox360 just for this game because I don't like 360s and the game isn't all that much the same.

The handling probably isn't as unique and realistic as the handling in driver.
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By Driver911
The handling isn't as unique and you can only drive a limited speed.
But, trust me, the game is pure fun and awesomeness...;)
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By Daltarin-Elite
Well i might give the game a go if it's on PS2, if not then well obviously i wont. But i'll look out for it. I'm off holidays almost now so i don't have time to get it now. I've got a study group in about an hour, more study tomorrow and i'm watching bathurst on sunday so i'm kinda busy. I do get off school in just five weeks though so i'll try then.
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By Driver911
It's only on X360 for the moment.

Also, for getting the most driver feel as possible:
1. Get the old American Sedan Car from the 70s/80s.
2. Change it's color to a boring brown or green color.
3. Get yourself a 70s look.
4. Now get in the car, and plug your USB in with the music from DriverOne.
5. Vïóäla.

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