General discussion for the DRIVER series.

Who do you prefer ?

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By Sedans
No, Tico was a "friend" in D1.
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By Coyote
No he was kind of a boss and you were his driver ( well you had the choice between the job with Tico and another one ). In Driv3r you're his enemy.
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By Daltarin-Elite
Did we ever get to see Tico in D1&2 or not, cause i really don't remember.
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By Sedans
Umm... Look above you..

And Coyote, i dont think its the same Tico.
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By Coyote
It is the same Tico, and yes you can see him in D1 when he's getting out of the car but it isn't a FMV so he looks like any other guy on the steet.
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By Nikusakken
Well, it's a difficulty choise for me. Both characters are cool (specially the 06' TK). I don't know but I prefer a bit Tanner.
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By Daltarin-Elite
This seems to be quite a one sided contest at the moment doesn't it?

Poor TK.

I actually think he was cooler in 76 but had a better character in 06... if that makes sense.
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