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The DSF Petition and the scattered community

PostPosted:Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:00 pm
by Vortex
If you haven't seen it yet, Nick Robinson made a video about DRIVER San Francisco, a game he truly loves and that he hopes to get back in sales on the digital stores through a petition : ... ck-on-sale

After roughly 24 hours, it had already hit 10k signatures and received a lot of donations to keep it up in the list of the website.
Of course, with 400k subscribers we can assume that a good part of them are from followers more than real fans of the series but still, it shows that there is still interest in the series but maybe a lack of consistency which is understandable given the long years without new games.

Who knew that Nick Robinson was a big fan of DRIVER San Francisco ?
Maybe there are more people who love the franchise but don't know that there is still a strong community making contents on the series (mods, videos, analysis, or just playing them).
Seeing how a big Youtuber can move way more people than we ever did (sadly, that's how it works), it could be a good thing to see it in a good way and use the momentum to make Ubisoft react !

The Discord is a really good thing but maybe it's "hidden" that's why i posted that topic here on the website where everything started. It's also way easier to speak about a subject for several days without losing the thread.

Long Live DRIVER :specialdriver: