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Hi I need a hack for Driver 2 - Driver Madness
General discussion for the DRIVER series.
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By TheDeadSpace222
Hi i m new in this forum but i find a Hack for PLaystation One , For a truck with Bombs , in the mission of havana there is a Truck and this truck just drop grenades or bombs. please .
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By madness
To my knowledge you can only hack PS2 (with Action Replay Max) and PC games.
Xbox 360, PS3 can be hacked if you have a modded console but it's no where near as easy.
I haven't had an opportunity to investigate Driver 2 properly but there could be some cheats you could enter.
I couldn't find any cheats unless you finish the game first there is a cheat you can enter to unlock everything.

I'd suggest reading the FAQ's and game guides on the internet to help you with this mission.

Good Luck!
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By max.thunder
Maybe try with some gamesharks, don't know if they work in main story, or try to download a savegame with 100% completed story (i have one), so with that you could skip that mission. After that missionsthere are even more harder missions, like the ones in Rio 8)
By Wheels
I'm not quite the computer nerd, but I think what you need is either an emulator, or GameShark that has "Driver 2" on it. It also matters (with both emulator and GameShark) how you preform the hack on your game. Don't take this as helpful, I'm not a good computer nerd, but just take this as (FOR ONCE) advice.

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