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This sucks. Atari Community has now a "mods only section". I looked through some of da topics and they are planning to delete tha Driver archives, in order so that tha forum runs faster. I thought they could just delete tha section that no body read anymore such as tha Unreal archive but NO! they had to go and delete it all... They havent really deleted it all yet, so haul yo self over there and get tha last bit of memeories back :( it was a poll and...

Yes 6 (100%)
No 0 (0%)
Too bad, I guess it looks like taht its going to dissapear soon, now they wont even be read-only files anymore, This really sucks because to believe that all of our posts and time and effort were first put away, now their going to be gone forever. What a shame.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :( :( :evil: :x :?: :!:

They suck.
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By Lseven7
Would it be worth bringing the posts over here? I realise it would be time consuming, but what is everyone elses opinion?

Also, is it copyrighted? (i dont think it would be, its just peoples opnions)
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By Sedans
i dunno but it would be a good idea if u only brought them after a certain date.
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By madness
quite a very sad story, I'll see what I can do in copying the forums.
It's a bit hard to copy them on dial-up especially, but I should be able to copy some of the forums :P

But I won't garentee anything...
especially since I'm on dial-up
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By Sedans
thank God, but i doubt they'll do it
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By Sedans
i dunno, they talkeed about DBZ but not driver... i think, did u see somthing that i didnt?

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