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By driverretro
Don't know if these were posted before.
Went back to Driver 2 and noticed a few things.

-There's the glitch in Hijack the Truck where after you damage the truck and must take it over, if you instead stay in your car and drive away, the level breaks down and disappears when you get too far away from the truck. But this happens in all of the scrape-based chase missions where you must enter the damaged enemy car. Stop the Truck, Pursue Jericho, Steal the Keys. It's the most unstable in Pursue Jericho.

-There's a weird glitch that I never seen before in the 16+ years I played this, and it occurred 3 times in the last week. An AI vehicle continuously turned right in reverse, it looked trippy as hell. First time happened with a bus beside the beach near the starting area in Rio in Take A Ride. Second was a bus in Havana, in Pursue Jericho mission. Third was a cop car in Havana in Take A Ride; on the curvy road surrounded by woods just north of the starting area. This last one was the most messed up, the cop car went through the wall border of that area (made of trees). I tried following it in the same spot, but it was a solid, impassible wall to my car. The cop still appeared on the radar, but outside the border in the non-reachable part.

-In Vegas, when you go south down the strip, past mid strip, you'll get to the 4-way intersection just before lower strip. It has a back dot at every corner of the "+" intersection. it's near the invincibility switch. This part has one of those pedestrian overpasses at all 4 sides of the intersection. Well the north particular overpass, try to drive under it as close as you can to either stairway. The car will materialize in the air and come crashing down.

-Also in Vegas, notice the highway right beside Tropicana. One particular segment (on the map, looks triangular), there are 3 road sections side-by-side. A ground level road in the middle where cars go south, which has 3 lanes; left of it, a part of the raised freeway that ramps down, converging with the middle road (cars also go south); right of it, the other part of the raised freeway (cars go north). Wait for cars to appear on the middle road, where it will converge with the left road (freeway ramp). For some reason, AI cars always permanently stop dead in their tracks just before the convergence point. They'll never leave that spot. Even when you bump them ahead, they'll honk the horn at you, but will still not move at all. If you wait long enough, the cars become parked (no drivers).
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By AidanCKY
When I was a kid, me and a friend used to play Havana in split screen multiplayer a lot.
There was a certain wall on the level, that you could drive through at the right angle, and you'd drop into the empty void below the map.

I also recall in Havana, single player Take a Ride, I once managed to exit the car at the same moment that the police started chasing me - I ended up stood out of my car with the cop car trying to crash into me over and over (but they just kept clipping through me)

Fun times.
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By helegad
I'm amazed at how "okay" Driver 2 actually is when you consider it only had a year of dev time. Should have been a right mess. Hell, Driver 3 was worse (IMO) and it had three years.
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