Discussion for Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back [US] / Driver 2: Back on the Streets [EU] (2000)
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By SO Remixer
In the Driv3r mission "The Seige" of you shoot the police Jones will say "Take it easy will ya," and then if you shoot a cop again you'll here a police officer say "this is your final warning," and then if you continue on with your police massacre, one of the cops will shot "fire at will!"
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By helegad
All of the above screwed it up. The eluminator I used to use was defective, it was a beta version. It warned me if I put certain settings too high, it might perminately damage your disc. Certain settings I had to turn up so my laptop would get more then 1fps, I ended up wiht 5.. Lol.
You really do not know what you are talking about. There is absolutely no way to damage your disc by using an emulator, whatever version it was. Take care of your discs next time.

I will do in-game lossless rips. I will update this topic with a link when it is done.

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is there split screen on the pc version???