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Are you going to check out Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs is a game being developed by multiple Ubisoft studios, with the team at Reflections being involved as well. Are you going to buy Watch Dogs or at least check it out? Let us know!
I'm not thinking of purchasing it quite yet. I'm going to have to look into it first, wait out for more videos, screens, details, maybe even until reviews.

I'll check it out though.
Basicly this, and the fact that I have The Last Of Us and Metro Last Light already on pre-order.
Maybe if it comes out on Mac :P But basically no game is good enough for me at the moment, it's hard to keep up with DSF. Also had a look at Mafia 2 not long ago, which is available for Mac, but it just simply isn't good enough.

Watch Dogs may use the DSF vehicle physics and such, but unlicensed cars are just a big fat minus point if you ask me. When you play a game with real cars, you don't necessarily want to drive a "TT Cuattro" or a "Bonsai" ever again :lol:

But now that I'm thinking of it, the city is surely well made. Would be cool to have that map for DSF :D

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