Discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman (1999) - aka Driver 1

What's your worst city in D1?

San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York
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By PostalDude
the worst city in D1 definitely: los angeles. in my opinion: san francisco :specialdriver:
That made absolutely NO sense.
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By Coyote
I think he was saying that, according to the poll, Los Angeles is the worst Driver 1 city by far, but that his personal "worst city" is San Francisco :)
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By Fisico9798
I think Los Angeles is the worst city in the game.
This city size is to small and on the PS1 version there is no hollywood sign. It looks strange.
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By somebodynamed
Oh I think it was kind of hidden, like you could only see it from a spot in a corner, where there was a gap between buildings. If I find it, I'll post a screen of the map location :P
Yeah, they didn't really bother putting real locations where they "should" be :/ I think Times Square in NY was too up north but I might be wrong.
I liked Miami too, it was all sunny and fun to drive when I got the game :D and San Francisco was cool too because it was quite different than LA, I played A LOT of "take a ride" on those when I was a kid and had trouble passing the car park test xD
Btw, how did you guys manage to have LA in daytime? :P the only way I could is by setting time to "dawn" or "dusk" (typing "day" or removing "night" didn't work), pardon my n00bishness XD
EDIT: found the hollywood sign, I'll post the pic in a sec.
EDIT: here ( I hope I marked the X right coz the dot didn't come out in the screenshot XD)
The car is the Driver 2 Challenger retexture for the Superfly by 0takumetalheadgamer :specialdriver: AWESOME
woah how did you get the driver 2 las vegas car in this game?

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