Discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman (1999) - aka Driver 1
By hemi
Did anyone trie these game codes with PS1? There are also other mods that totally new to me.

https://wescastro.com/codetwink/cheats. ... efault.htm
Wide Tires (Combination Of Above Modifier Codes)
8009AF44 01C0
8009AF4C 01C0
8009AF54 FE32
8009AF5C FE32
8009AF48 02F6
8009AF50 FD0E
8009AF58 02F6
8009AF60 FD0E

Tornado Mode (Combination Of Above Modifier Codes) 8009AFA8 2BBA
8009AFB0 F2AA
8009AFB8 4DA7
8009AFC0 D1EE
8009B010 2BBA
8009B018 F2AA
8009B020 4DA7
8009B028 D1EE
8009B070 2BBA
8009B078 F2AA
8009B080 4DA7
8009B088 D1EE
Note 15:
With this code, change the last four digit to see effect the Lower the number the higher you are off ground with height mod. Lower the number in left to right the wider your car wheels will be spread. The lower the number in forward and back the longer your wheels are spread. Put in FF00 in for all hight mod codes and all cars including cops and traffic are like monster trucks. Put in FF00 in height mod for monster truck.In left to right Put in 00FF for wide wheels on the right side of car and put in FF00 for wide on Left. put in FFFF in both to ride like a motor cycle. For forward to back of car wheel mod put in FE17 for long on front put in 015E for long in back Enjoy!

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