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By helegad
I've never had any luck with the 2.1 patch. It seems to come with a sh*tload of CD DRM files too... just live with 1.2, I guess. I've never had any major issues, and 2.1 didn't fix much anyway.
Bug Fixes:

1. Adds a user-definable dead zone ammount (10, 20, 30, 40 & 50%)
2. Adds a control to switch between analogue and digital (mainly for
joysticks that don't report what they are correctly)
3. Allows keys to be used when in joystick control
4. Analogue steering has much more range than before

NOTE: Existing user recorded replays that use joystick control will no longer work

5. Brightness setting is saved into Config.dat
6. russjump.mcd supplemenatry file for Rail Road Cops cheat
7. Lang.xxx file incorporates New Menu Options

The problem of Driver PC FMVs not playing on some 3D cards has now been fixed

CD Sound volume adjustment compatibility has been improved

Note: If a non-keyboard device is chosen a setting of NONE in the "Joystick Redefine" is required so the "Keyboard Redefine" option is enabled for a particular in-game function.

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