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By VoitureDemolique
I've made some alternative engine sounds, an alternative skid sound, and a different siren. The engines sound more '60s/'70s movie style (especially the V8) than the default sound. Enjoy!

Download it in the post below.

Note - Don't listen to them before you put them in the game - they sound a lot different. (The sirens hurt when played outside the game!)

Here's a demo of the v8 sound:
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By cleone
http://drivermadness.net/forum/download ... l&df_id=77
Although I haven't tested this.
If anyone has any problems please let me know.

Note this requires a .rar program to open.
You can use http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
I'm not sure why we allow rar files.
All windows computers support .zip automatically.
Having to download a separate program can be frustrating.
Rar and 7z files offer better compression, which equals less bandwidth. If a person doesn't have such a necessary program then that's their problem.
By Wheels
If I had Driver on PC, I would use this. Nice!

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