Discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman (1999) - aka Driver 1
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By TheDriver
I want to start creating some modded cars for Driver (I have plenty of inspiration! :D ) and I want to ask to see how it works.

1. The models are in .OBJ Format, so can they be made in 3DS Max? (With the export feature)
2. Can I import the original models the same way to scale my own model to its size?
3. How do I map the textures so they're read properly in-game? (I know how to do it in 3DSM, but does it work in game)

Help is much appreciated, and hopefully I'll start working on some mods soon! :mrgreen:
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It's fairly easy to add your own cars, damage is a huge issue when you're new to this (my first car had no textures and the damage came out so wrong I didn't want to try again lol) Textures I'm not sure of. I think if you texture map something in Blender or any 3D modeling program and extract as an OBJ (import the OBJ file to see if the textures followed) it should work, the texture resolution might have to be the same as default cars. I think there's a post that covers this. :)

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