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So.. I've been gone for a long time, because I had lot of stuff to make and had to deal with school. BUT... I'm back, with some texture mods. Before I start, I thank SOAP for giving us the pleasure to play with the Beta GSX model and for the fix in the Beta PSX demo to make the GSX playable in the PSX, already. With that said, I'll start.
These are texture mods applied on the model mod of the Beta GSX. Do you guys remember any of these cars from early screenshots? Yes? No? Check then.
The original PSX textures were not ripped by me, of course. I've just fixed them and this is what came out. Nor the model, as earlier mentioned, is of my property. Soon I'll provide a download for each of them, as soon as I'll fix the last things.
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Nice work, I say. But yours was made by using the PC model. I've made mines by using the Beta PSX model, because in my opinion, they fit better for that model. Still nice work, tho. I hope you'll have a good going in such mods , have a nice life and have a nice day. But I don't think you ever tried making a real Buick GSX from 1970 and 1972, by changing only the fronts and some color palette, did ya? Feel free to do it, tho, if you wish doing so.
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By RacingFreak
As you wish :wink:
I have plans of releasing the actual Beta PSX GSX model with it's original UV mapping converted to PC soon, but it might take awhile to get the damage model converted aswell (Y)
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By RacingFreak
I guess you would be able to have them adjusted for it, so that's fine. It will pretty much serve as a base for future GSX/Skylark modifications :wink:

I will make a thread when it's nearly completed (Y)
By Wheels
Is it me? Or is it just the fact that this seemed really bizarre that the car you drive in Miami IS the Beta Skylark?
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